Story Walk



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“Bot-bot the Robot Finds His Feelings”
Written by: Nicola Lathey & Dr Faye Millner Illustrated by: Annie Llyod

Westbank First Nations Skate Park

  • 1920 Quail Lane, West Kelowna

“My Heart Fills With Happiness” Written by: Monique Gray Smith Illustrated by: Julie Flett

Sarsons Beach Park

  • 4398 Hobson Rd, Kelowna

“stim aʔ ckistxʷ – What do you do?” Written & Illustrated by: qʷyqʷʕayáx̌n Levi Bent

Johnson Bentley Memorial Aquatic Centre

  • 3737 Old Okanagan Highway, West Kelowna

“The Invisible String” Written by: Patrice Karst Illustrated by: Joanne Lew-Vriethoff

Lambly Park

  • Hwy 97 & San Clemente Ave, Peachland

“Be a Good Dragon” Written by: Kurt Cyrus

Ben Lee Park

  • 900 Houghton Rd, Kelowna

“Are You a Horse” Written by: Andy Rash

Ballou Park

  • 391 Moubray Rd, Kelowna

“The Silly Blue Goose” Written by: Krista Marble Illustrated by: Melanie Stephens

Westbank Town Centre Park

  • 2569 May St, West Kelowna

“Where Oliver Fits” Written by: Cale Atkinson

Newport Glen Park

  • 130 Applebrooke Cresent, Kelowna

“The Secret Fawn” Written by: Kallie George Illustrated by: Elly MacKay

Curlew Park

  • 5210 Lark St, Kelowna

“I Know Here” Written by: Laurel Croza Illustrated by: Matt James Groundwood Books

Jack Robertson Memorial Park

  • 1655 Willow Crescent, Kelowna

“Don’t” Written by: Litsa Trochatos Illustrated by: Virginia Johnson

Rutland Lions Park

  • 175 Gray Rd, Kelowna

“Hey That’s My Monster” Written by: Amanda Knoll Illustrated by: Howard McWilliam

Willow Beach Park

  • 4111 Gellatly Rd, West Kelowna

“We Don’t Eat Our Classmates” Written by: Ryan T. Higgins

Rosewood Park (Sport Field)

  • 2080 Rosalee Court, West Kelowna

Written by: Julie Inserro Illustrated by: Tanja Varcelija

Kinsman Athletic Park

  • 3170 Shannon Lake Rd, West Kelowna

“Leila’s Journey” Written & Illustrated by: Cathy Cyr

Duggan Park

  • 1494 Bernard Ave, Kelowna

“What’s My Superpower?” Written by: Aviaq Johnston Illustrated by: Tim Mack

Parkinson Recreation Centre

  • 1800 Parkinson Way, Kelowna

“Albert’s Tree”
Written by: Jenni Desmond

Shannon Lake Regional Park

  • 2375 Swite Rd, West Kelowna